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Standard or Custom TV Installations

NJElectrical is proud to offer complete range of bespoke & standard installations of LCD, Plasma and the latest LED screens in your home or business. If this is a standalone TV set installation or incorporated within a multi media centre the appropriate location will be agreed with you. This maybe on a wall as is increasingly more common or discreetly installed around the floor if the screen is resting on a cabinet.

A survey of the agreed area will then take place to ensure that any hidden wiring you’re not aware of can be avoided or modified during the installation.

Discrete Wiring

Working with leading technology company HDAnywhere as an approved installation technician we can source and install devices to help to create neater rooms free from technology clutter including mounting TVs on walls and hiding cables,watching TV in more than one place and managing all TV and audio in your home through one unit.

If you require channels in your wall to hide cabling (custom install), we will let you know at the survey stage and will be able to carry this out for you as part of the installation process. The cables will be hidden and the impact on the wall re-plastered. The alternative is to use paintable white plastic trunking to hide your cables and wires (basic install).

We can then assemble and install the wall bracket to which the TV will be mounted on. The screen will then be securely and carefully mounted to the bracket, all cables will be connected and a full demonstration of the equipment will be given.

During the initial survey all additionally required items will be pointed out. These could include but are not limited to HDMI Splitter, Specialist Wall Brackets with multi-positions if there is a likely impact of the sun at specific points in the day or additional Scart, power and aerial leads. Dependent on the requirement, length the charge will vary and this will be explained and quoted at survey stage. You aren’t obliged to purchase these items from NJElectrical; however if during installation the correct items aren’t available we will install our own stock items in order to leave the installation to match the original order request.

Standard Installations

Our standard installation includes:-

  • Site Survey
  • Installation cables concealed in Trunking
  • Wall mount your Plasma, LCD or LED screen safely and securely
  • Connection of screen with equipment
  • Calibrate and tune equipment

Custom Installations

Our custom installation includes:-

  • Site Survey
  • Installation cables hidden in walls and plastered
  • Wall mount your Plasma, LCD or LED screen safely and securely
  • Conceal all cables from your screen to other equipment linked to it
  • Calibrate and tune equipment and demonstration of how it works

Contact us to see how we can help with your installation - 01457 763838 or 07939 138 495

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